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All handcrafted in Maryland.
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Born and Bred Maryland Crab Fed Sign
Practical Magic Two Sign Group
Midnight Margaritas
Midnight Margaritas
From $28.00
Meals and Memories Made Here Daily
This Home is Built on Love and Football in black lettering on a white worn finish wood sign.  Sign measures 8x8 inches or 12x12 inches. Made in Maryland.
Always throw Spilled Salt over your Left Shoulder. Keep Rosemary by your Garden Gate. Plant Lavender for Luck. And Fall in Love whenever You Can. 12x16 inch wood sign.  Available in several sizes.  Practical magic quote.  www.countryworkshop.net
Black wood sign with capital white letters spelling the word CUCINA.  Gold flourish below the lettering. Available  in 2 sizes and several colors.
From $22.00
In this House We don't Measure Seasoning We just sprinkle until the Spirit of our Ancestors Whispers..."That's enough child" A fun saying for your kitchen, where family gathers.  White sign with gray letering.  Availble in 2 sizes and choice of colors. d colors
White worn finish wood sign with the saying, Come sit on the Porch with me.  The drinks are cold and the friendship is free.The sign measures 8x14 inches.  Sign is available in 2 sizes and choice of colors.
Gardening it's Cheaper than Therapy
You Can't Always Get What You Want
Square white worn finish wood sign with the saying This Family Rocks in black. Available in 2 sizes and choice of colors.
This Family Rocks
From $22.00
White worn finish square wood sign with black lettering saying.Porch Rules Cherish loved ones Look at the stars Watch the sun rise & set Feel the breeze Enjoy the rain showers Listen to the birds Sip on something good Take a nap Laugh together Make memories Enjoy the seasons
Porch Rules Square
From $35.00
Peter Cottontail's Candy Co. 12x12 inch sign.  Worn white  finish with gray lettering.  Sweet bunny face in the center of the sign. Country Workshop Signs
A Garden Feeds the Soul
Who Plants a Seed beneath the Sod and waits to see Believes in God
The saying Leave Room in Your Garden for the Fairies to Dance  in gray lettering on a white sign.  Sign has a stained wood frame . Measure 13x15 inches.
This Home is Built on Love and Shenanigans
American Flag Heart Sign
Home is where the Old Bay is white lettering with a crab as the O in home.  black worn finish sign.  Available in several sizes and colors.  countryworkshop.net
This Kitchen is for Dancing
Maryland Born and Bred 9x12 inches
Jesus and Germs are Everywhere
relax unwind get naked bathroom
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