Wizard of Oz

We're off to see The Wizard...
A collection OZ sayings on handcrafted wood signs.

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Things haven't been the same since that House fell on my Sister
White, worn finish sign with black lettering saying, Somewhere Over The Rainbow Skies are Blue... Inspirational Wizard of OZ wood sign. Sign available in two sizes. 12x16 inches or 16x24 inches. Choice of colors.
A heart is not judged wood sign 6x14 inches. Black worn finish with white letters and gold stars.  Tin man quote. Wizard of Oz.
6x14 inch sign.  Black with white wording saying Don't make me get my Flying Monkeys.  Gold stars are around the wording.
You've Always Had the Power My Dear. You Just Had to Learn it for Yourself An inspirational quote from "The Good Witch" Glinda Sign available in two sizes. 12x18 inches or 16x24 inches. Lessons from the Wizard of OZ. Made in our Maryland Workshop.
The Great Oz Has Spoken
I can't remember if I'm the Good Sister or the Evil One
Nobody Gets Into See The Wizard
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